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Mr. Thomas "Tom" Parker is a character in Sanditon. He is married to Mrs. Parker and they are from the town of Sanditon on the coast of England. He has at least four siblings, Sidney, Diana, Arthur, and Susan Parker.

Mr. Parker and his wife were headed home after spending time in London, when their carriage capsized after trying to complete a very hard turn in the road. The fall was not incredibly bad, due to their slow pace, and that Parker was able to extricate his wife before either of them were very wounded. It became clear however that Mr. Parker's leg was injured. They were met by a concerned Mr. Heywood, who saw the accident. Mr. Parker was grateful, and asked if there was a surgeon in town to examine his leg. Heywood said that there would be no surgeon, as it was a very small village. Parker then tried to explain to Heywood that he knew there was a surgeon here, as it was Willingden.[1]

Notes and references[]

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