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Mr. Sidney Parker is a character in Jane Austen's uncompleted novel Sanditon.


Sidney was only mentioned briefly, however, many believe he was intended to be the hero of the story and Charlotte's love interest. He is about twenty-seven or eight, and Charlotte describes him as 'very good looking, with a decided air of Ease and Fashion, and a lively countenance'. He has two brothers; Tom and Arthur, and two sisters; Diana and Susan; and a sister in law who is married to Tom, Mary, who has children with Tom.


Sidney Parker has a tough exterior, he's gruff and quick to judge. However, he does posses a softer side which he shows mostly to his brother Tom, Miss Lambe and eventually, Charlotte Heywood. He's a man of sense as Charlotte exclaims and is very protective of Miss Lambe, taking his responsiblities as her guard quite seriously.

“He’s the black sheep of the family. He has reluctantly come back to the town he sees as parochial and not reflective of his status.“ Tom Parker about Sidney


Rather than giving Charlotte Heywood (Rose Williams) and Sidney Parker (Theo James) a happy ending, the writer of the show, Andrew Davies, chose to have Sidney marry wealthy widow Eliza Campion (Ruth Kearney) for money, despite being in love with Charlotte. It should be noted that Sidney confessed his love to Charlotte and explained why he had to secure his family's finances. Thus telling us, that his engagement was unwanted. Many believe this writing choice was to parallel Jane Austen's unfinished ending.

Sidney died in Antigua.