Mr. Reginald De Courcy is a character in the epistolary novel Lady Susan, by Jane Austen.


In correspondence with his sister, he discusses the infamous Lady Susan, whom he refers to as a coquette. He congratulates his sister for welcoming such an infamous person into her family and hopes that he will find her captivating. In the same letter, he calls Miss Vernon to be dull and not worth the time that her mother is[1]

Character traitsEdit

Mrs. Johnson, Lady Susan's close friend, describes him as a kind and genteel young man with a handsome disposition. He is also the heir to a great amount of wealth, which makes him an even worthier match for Lady Susan.

He is also very excited by drama and immorality. He was excited that his sister was going to be hosting Lady Susan, as he had heard very bad and scandalous things about her. He was very happy to meet her, and said that she had a degree of captivating deceit that should be interesting to detect. His sister was always annoyed that he did not sympathize with Frederica Vernon, Lady Susan's adolescent daughter.

Notes and referencesEdit

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