Pigeon Pigeon, in the 1995 film adaptation of Sense and Senibility, is one of Mrs. Jennings's servants at her house in Chelsea, London. This character is an addition. While Mrs. Jennings was away at Barton Park, Pigeon seems to have been in charge of the house, reporting to her that everything was "in good order". Even though not particularly amicable or charming, Pigeon is loyal to his master, who seems to trust him very much.   

The "Pigeon" Letters Very much the name implies, one of Pigeon's important jobs is to keep track of letters that go in and out of Mrs. Jennings house. Marianne Dashwood annoys Pigeon by bombarding him day and night with her letters to John Willoughby and inquiries for letters from him.

Other Jobs Apparently, Pigeon has another face as a financial consultant to Mr. Jennigs, suggesting to her "the ordering of coal," to which she replied; "Don't talk to me of coals" (1:12:30/2:16:21).

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