Penelope Watson is a character in The Watsons. She and her elder sister Elizabeth Watson dislike each other.


Penelope grew up with her immediate family in a small village in Surrey, unlike her youngest sister Emma. She was jealous of her eldest sister, Elizabeth, for snagging the attentions of a Mr. Purvis. She allegedly set Purvis against Elizabeth using some kind of slander in order to make herself seem more desirable. When Tom Musgrave also transferred his affections from the elder Miss Watson to herself, she was very happy, but then later disappointed when she fell victim to his meaningless charms after he then transferred his attentions to Margaret Watson,[1] another sister.

Needless to say, her alleged involvement in her sister's separation from Mr. Purvis put a large dent in their relationship. Elizabeth has told Emma that Penelope would do anything to get a husband, even hurt her own sister.

Notes and referencesEdit

All citations about the book are taken from the Penguin Classics edition (2003), an anthology of Jane Austen's lesser known or unfinished works like Lady Susan, The Watsons, and Sanditon.

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