Saltram House

Norland Park is a large estate located in Sussex. It belonged to an old man with no heirs before it passed to Henry Dashwood by means of inheritance. It was left in such a way that destroyed half the value of the bequest, so Mr. Dashwood had to leave it his eldest son, John Dashwood, with little to none promised for his wife or daughters[1].

"The old gentleman died: his will was read, and like almost every other will, gave as much disappointment as pleasure. He was neither so unjust, nor so ungrateful, to leave his estate from his nephew; but he left it to him on such terms as destroyed half the value of the bequest. Mr. Dashwood had wished for it more for the sake of his wife and daughters than for himself or his son; but to his son, and his son's son, it was secured..."
Sense and Sensibility[2]

Notes and referencesEdit

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