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Mrs. Younge is a character mentioned in Pride and Prejudice.


She presided over an establishment in London. Mrs. Younge may have been based-off of real-life historical figure, Kat Ashley, governess to Elizabeth I of England; Kat Ashley was rumoured both to have been infatuated with Thomas Seymour, 1st Baron Seymour of Sudeley, & a facilitator in his attempt to seduce the then-teenaged Elizabeth; though the rumours have not been proven.


Mrs. Younge was once a companion to Georgiana Darcy, and took her to Ramsgate, where George Wickham also went. She had a prior acquaintance with Mr. Wickham, who badly needed money due to his old gambling debts and bad behavior. Mrs. Younge allowed them to meet and plan an elopement, as Mr. Wickham convinced Georgiana of his love.

When Georgiana's brother, Mr. Darcy, joined them, Georgiana told him everything since she looked up to him as a father. Mr. Darcy wrote to Wickham, and removed Mrs. Younge from her charge.[1]

When Wickham eloped with Lydia Bennet, Mr. Darcy tracked down Mrs. Younge to find them. She was said to be in London, living in a house and renting out rooms to provide for herself. Mr. Wickham first came to Mrs. Younge for a place to stay, but she could not provide him one. Lydia's aunt, Mrs. Gardiner, later implies to Lydia's sister, Elizabeth, that Mr. Darcy had to bribe Mrs. Younge to find out where Wickham and Lydia were, because she knew where they were staying, and Mr. Darcy found them soon after.[2]

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