Mrs. Charles Musgrove is a character in Persuasion. She is married to Charles Musgrove, Esq. of Uppercross in Somerset. She is mother to Charles Musgrove, the heir apparent to her husband's estate and assets; and two other unmarried daughters, Louisa and Henrietta. She is mother-in-law to Mary Musgrove, the youngest daughter of Sir Walter Elliot, a baronet; and the late Lady Elliot. She has several grandchildren[1]. Although Mr. and Mrs. Musgrove are not very educated and stuck in the old times, their children were more modern. They had the wealth to send the daughters to a very good school, and to clothe them in finery[2]. She has at least one sister, Mrs. Hayter, who married a man who had money, but not as much as Mr. Musgrove. There was not bitterness nor envy between the sisters, and even Charles Hayter, the Musgroves' nephew, seemed to be interested in Henrietta[3].

Traits and characteristicsEdit

Mrs. Musgrove is described to be large, the same as her husband. This, according to her daughter in law, makes it so it's very uncomfortable to travel with the two of them in their carriage[2].

She is good natured, friendly, and hospitable—like her husband. She is not at all elegant nor educated.

Notes and referencesEdit

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