Maria Bertram is a character in Mansfield Park. She is the third child and first daughter of Sir Thomas and Lady Bertram of Mansfield Park, a baronet and his lady. She was married to a wealthy gentleman, Mr. Rushworth, before committing adultery and running off with Henry Crawford.


Early lifeEdit

Maria and her younger sister were put under the tutelage of Miss Lee, their governess. When their cousin Fanny Price came to live with them at Mansfield, both of the girls were shocked at Fanny's ignorance, and thought her stupid. They talked with their Aunt Norris about this within Fanny's hearing[1].

Young adulthoodEdit

When Maria and Julia came out into their quaint village society, they became quite popular young ladies[2]. They were accompanied mostly by their Aunt Norris, since their mother wasn't one for social functions. Under the eye of Mrs. Norris, she became engaged to James Rushworth, a man of considerable fortune. He was heavyset, rather dull, with no apparent with nor handsomeness, but she knew it was her duty to marry. The prospect of having a greater income and a house in town also appealed to her[2].

They became acquainted with the dashing Henry and Mary Crawford, half-siblings of Mrs. Grant, and they got along famously almost immediately. Mary Crawford's beauty certainly helped her win favor with Maria and Julia, and both of them thought Henry to be the most agreeable man either of them had ever known[3].

Notes and referencesEdit

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