Lady Denham (née Miss Brereton, formerly Mrs. Hollis) is a character in Sanditon, by Jane Austen.


Early lifeEdit

The Breretons were wealthy, albeit not incredibly fashionable, which is why the former Miss Brereton was not very well educated.


She married twice in her life. The first was to a Mr. Hollis, a man of considerable property. A large share of his property took up the parish of Sanditon, on the southern coast of England. He was much older than she was, as she was only thirty when she married him, an elderly man. He was about seventy.[1] Mr. Hollis soon died and left her his property and fortune, both of which were considerable.[2]

She married a titled man some years later, Sir Harry Denham, a wealthy baronet. Sir Harry owned Denham Park, a large estate in Sanditon. Lady Denham likely married Sir Harry only for his title, as later she moved back to her old house after his death. His successor was Sir Edward Denham, Sir Harry's nephew, as the estate was certainly entailed.

Notes and referencesEdit

  1. Mentioned a forty year difference in their ages.
  2. Sanditon, Chapter Three
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