Esther Denham is a character in Sanditon, by Jane Austen.

She is the sister of Sir Edward Denham, the current baronet Denham and owner of Denham Park in Sanditon. The late Sir Harry Denham was her uncle, and the incredibly wealthy Lady Denham is her aunt.

Sir Edward and Miss Denham are poorer than Lady Denham, as most of the wealth that the former Mrs. Hollis brought to the baronetcy was taken back with her after Sir Harry's death. They live in a state of genteel poverty, and Miss Denham barely has a dowry to make her worthwhile on the marriage mart. Mr. Parker hopes that Lady Denham will remember Sir Edward and Miss Denham in her will, in order to give that family needed wealth and to help them stay on the upper hand in Sanditon. Lady Denham brings her young poor niece, Clara Brereton, to Sanditon. The local gossip is that Lady Denham means for her nephew by marriage and her niece by blood to marry. As Lady Denham has no children of her own, the young Denhams and young Miss Brereton are her closest relations, which means it is highly likely that she will leave her fortune to them.[1]

Notes and referencesEdit

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