Levbastian22 Levbastian22 4 January

Classic Literature Wikia Promotion

Hello Everyone.

This is Levbastian22. I have created a wikia over a year ago titled Classic Literature Wikia. As you can probably guess, it has everything to do with classic literature, including anything Jane Austen. It has been construction for a while and there hasn't been any pages such as Sense and Sensibility or Pride and Prejudice (but will be included soon). So I'm wondering if anyone here would like to come on over and volunteer to build the community. I would like to have some backup help, and any Jane Austen fans here can help add more content there like Elizabeth Bennet and Marianne Dashwood. Here is the link to the wikia before.


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Asnow89 Asnow89 1 May 2015

20 Ways to Tell Someone you Love Them

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Best-Band Best-Band 22 April 2013

Jane Austen's family

There are pages on Wikia about Jane Austen's family. You can add links to these.

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