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Anne de Bourgh is a character in Pride and Prejudice. She is the only child and heir of the late Sir Lewis de Bourgh and the Lady Catherine.

Anne is the heir to her father's estate Rosings Park because there is no entail upon the property.


Her mother and her aunt Lady Anne Darcy planned a betrothal between Anne and her cousin Fitzwilliam Darcy when they were in their infancy. Their eventual marriage would unite their estates Rosings Park and Pemberley, making the couple very rich.

She is probably the same age as Darcy because, according to her mother, their betrothal was planned when they both were infants in their cradles.

She is sickly, and Lady Catherine says this is why she did not learn many skills typical taught to young ladies of her class, including the pianoforte. She was not presented at court either.

Darcy and their mutual cousin Colonel Fitzwilliam visit her and her mother at Rosings Park for Easter seemingly every year. It is not clear whether she sees her uncle the Earl and his other children frequently, but she did see her cousin Georgiana Darcy when she visited Rosings Park before continuing on to Ramsgate, the summer before the novel begins.

Anne did not end up marrying Mr. Darcy, and it is unknown if she ever did wed.

Physical Characteristics[]

Maria Lucas wonders at how "thin and small" she is. Elizabeth sees her as being pale, thin, small, sickly and cross with insignificant (though not plain) features.

Mr. Collins describes her as having a "sickly constitution" and "indifferent health" but being otherwise charming, that she would adorn the rank of duchess rather than be adorned by it, that her health has "deprived the British court of its brightest ornament" and quotes Lady Catherine in saying that she is "far superior to the handsomest of her sex; because there is that in her features which marks the young woman of distinguished birth."


She is typically quiet and apparently is fond of driving her pony cart. She occasionally stops to speak with Charlotte Collins, but rarely goes into the house. The Collinses consider it the greatest honor if she ever deigns to come in.


  • Anne - close friends and family
  • Miss de Bourgh - everyone else, as Anne is the only daughter it is always correct to address her as Miss de Bourgh (see this post for more information). She does not get to use the title of "lady" because her father was not an earl, marquess, or duke.