Admiral Croft is a character in Persuasion. He is married to Sophia Croft née Wentworth and they are wealthy. He is brother-in-law to Frederick Wentworth, a naval captain. According to Mr. Shepherd, Admiral Croft is a native of Somersetshire and had acquired a very handsome fortune over the years[1].


Early life and careerEdit

The admiral was born and reared in Somersetshire, but left to pursue a career in the navy[1]. He married Sophia Wentworth and she "followed the drum" so to speak and lived with him on his various ships.

Admiral Croft became a rear admiral of the white, and served in the "Trafalgar action", according to Mr. Shepherd. He was stationed in the East Indies for a long while but returned to England in order to acquire property. He and his wife had heard that Kellynch Hall was to be let for the season and they immediately expressed an interest in renting the estate[1]. Even though he and his wife had been married for many years, they had no children. This, Mr. Shepherd claimed, was ideal in the upkeep of the house, when Sir Walter Elliot expressed concern. Mrs. Croft would care for the home and there would be no children to bespoil or damage it[1].

Stay at KellynchEdit

The Crofts could afford to rent Kellynch for the season. When Sir Walter and Elizabeth Elliot went to Bath, Mary Musgrove invited her sister Anne to stay with her in the cottage at Uppercross and help with the young Musgrove children[2].

His wife invited her brother Frederick Wentworth, also of the navy, to stay with them at Kellynch for a period of time. Sophia did not seem to know of the old attachment between her brother and Anne, but would not have disdained it if she did.

Character traitsEdit

Sir Walter declared the admiral to be the best-looking sailor that he had ever come across, and was very pleased with his renters overall[2].

Notes and referencesEdit

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